Beach Therapy: Playa Grande

Remember, take me to the beach. Next time I’m a mess, next time I’m hollering, crying, threatening my kids, blaming my husband, or fighting with my mom, just take me to the beach. It’s one of the reasons I came to Costa Rica. The beach is therapy.

I’ve had a really tough week. My cousin and good friend lost her battle with cancer last week and I went home, first to try to see her before she died, but when I got there it was for her funeral. It is a bad part of being far from home. I was sad to not be able to say goodbye. I know she is in a better place, I know she is at peace, but I will miss her. God, I will miss her. I keep telling myself how lucky I was to have loved her, and been loved by her. I will keep telling myself this.

So when I came home to Costa Rica I was an emotional basket case; picking fights, crying, screaming. When Mike suggested the kids take a day off of school and we hang out at the beach as a family, I said yes. We decided to go to Playa Grande. This beach is part of Las Baulas National Park, so there are no houses on the beach, and on this sprinkly day, it was deserted. We were the only people as far as the eye could see. It’s very protected, because it’s where leatherback sea turtles nest. There were no turtles today, the owner of the Taco joint said November through March. There’s a National Park kiosk you can stop at for more information. We’ll definitely make plans to go back and stay until dark to get a chance to see the leatherbacks come up and lay their eggs.

We arrived around lunch time, and the kids have been wanting to do a geocache, so we drove around the (tiny) town looking for a place called Taco Star, for food and geocache. We didn’t see it, so we went to the beach, and lo and behold, there it was! Comfort food. We had eight combo tacos. They sell beer, which I seriously considered. I stuck to Fresca, but had thoughts of coming back one day with Mike while the kids are at school and having a couple Imperials.

Then, we walked on the beach. We let the waves gently lap at our ankles. We ran and jumped. We collected sand dollars, the first we’ve ever found. We held hands. We sat and watched the waves. We let the beach heal us for a couple hours. We felt better. I felt better.

So remember, if I’m being bitchy, just take me to the beach. Playa Grande is best, but the nearest one will do in a pinch. Hell, take yourself there too, I’ll share.